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Russian Mistress Making Her Slave a Sissy

This Slave will do anything for his Dominatrix, So she’s going to make him her Personal sissy maid, she did his make up and dressed him up with some sissy clothes, but now she want him to learn to be a sissy so he’s going to clean the floor and worship her beautiful feet, after that she order him to make her breakfast.

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Slave is waiting for his Goddess So he can Worship her boots

This Slave is naked and waiting for his goddess, she does not have mercy on him she kept him waiting for a long time and when she came Home the first thing he had to do is clean Her dirty boots because that’s his job now! he have to do whatever she wants.

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First Time Mistress Taking Lessons from a Pro Dom

Years of femdom history behind our backs! Check our packed member area for thousands upon thousands of hi-res femdom photo stories and never-seen high quality videos. Fall in kinky love with these smooth, latex-wrapped Russian beauties who turn men into their willing playthings.

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Mistress Anna Humiliating her Slave with Her Shoes

Everything they told you about nice, kind, obedient Russian wives is a lie! Check out these beauties harsh as ice and dangerous as
a bear! From the perversion-filled capital to the remote and dark woods of Siberia, we bring you the finest femdom-minded women and put them to action on video! Fetish, leather, domination, BDSM gear, foot worship, and more!

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Marianna dominate a slave with a strap on

Watch Marianna dominate the masked sub making him eat her royal cunt and then put him on the table and assfuck him till the hole gets sore. Then she puts him back into his sanctuary.

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Goddess Sofiya Dominating Her Slave in the snow while he’s Naked

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A good slave is a cold-resistant slave – this is what Mistress Sofia proves by kicking her boy toy out into the street naked and chasing him into the deepest snow bank where he drops down on his hurting knees, whining. He will have to work really hard to earn the right to come back into the house – his domina will let him back in only when he’s done licking her big black boots clean.

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